Allow me to introduce myself . . .
Nicknamed the “Purpose Catalyst” for being able to help women understand and create a strategy to become activated in their innate purpose, Kymberly Smith, is an unorthodox speaker and recent author.

So, what’s my story?
Kymberly has spent time with various financial institutions impacting the lives of thousands. For almost two decades, she has made contributions to helping others find their next step in their career and discovering their purpose in life. With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Development, Kymberly found her niche in helping others shift their perspective concerning their gifting, skills and talents during transitional periods. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters of Divinity in Missional Discipleship at Regent University.

In 2016, Kymberly was divinely inspired to pen her first book. Her first book entitled, The Launch Devotional, helps women embark upon a 40 day journey to find their purpose and create an action plan to pursue it. The book is due to be released in May 2017, with her second book already in progress.

Kymberly’s express aspirations are liberating women from the prison of potential to thriving in a place of purpose. She realized her own purpose while working as a career coach for displaced employees. She uses her life experiences coupled with wisdom gained along the way to help other women take the necessary steps to pursue their purpose with reckless abandon.

Aren't you ready to dive head first into your purpose?